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Ryan Dollard looks back at his Sochi 2014

Last night's closing ceremony was spectacular and provided a fitting end to what has been a fabulous Winter Olympics.

For our region to have provided four Medallists is a monumental achievement. Judging by what I have heard of the scenes in Lockerbie during the men's Curling final I think that David Murdoch, Anna Sloan and Claire Hamilton can expect a rapturous homecoming, Vicki Adams will receive no less when she pays her next visit to her parents in Stranraer.

Our curlers will no doubt receive a heroes welcome when they return Credit: ITV News Border

The support our athletes have received from back home has meant a lot to them while they have been out here, every one of them remarked on it whenever I met them. I expect Curling rinks around the region to be busy over the coming weeks as children look to follow in the footsteps of their new heroes and those of us who are a little older may fancy a go to, I know I am keen to have a try after a fortnight of being absorbed by the tactics and subtleties of the game.

Winter sports look set for a funding boost as a result of Team GB's success, it would be nice some of that money could be directed towards our local figure skater David King, who has had to fund his own Olympic dream without lottery assistance.

All of our competitors here are young enough to compete again in four years time, and it isn't outrageously optimistic to suggest that it's possible that they could even go further and dream of Gold in Korea.

Seeing Team GB's men beat Norway was one of Ryan's highlight of the games Credit: PA

It has been a privilege to be out here covering the action. There have been too many highlights to list, from watching David Murdoch's last gasp winner agains Norway to clinch a place in the sem-final of the men's Curling, to the spirit our women showed to overcome the disappointment of losing their semi in order to win bronze.

Technological gremlins have attempted to thwart the attempts of a few of us out here to keep you all in the loop back home.

The camaraderie in the press box was another real joy out here. I now have friends from America, Finland, Japan and London who I'll always be happy to see again to discuss our shared Russian experiences.

Speaking of which, the people of Sochi deserve another mention. Exceptionally warm and welcoming, courteous and kind.

Ryan and his taxi driver, Tima, have become first friends Credit: ITV News Border

I will miss my old friend Tima when he drops me off at the airport tomorrow. He has been a great ally out here. He's ferried me around, taken me to good places to eat and patiently helped me to improve my terrible Russian. He has been so successful in that last endeavour that I feel I could now converse freely and on equal terms with a local five year old, albeit it not an especially gifted one.

I've enjoyed sharing the experience of Sochi 2014 here with you all and thanks for reading and watching.

We must do this again some time. For now it is time for me to pack my bags and say goodbye to some friends.

See you soon back in Border land.

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