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140 people take part in Dumfires and Galloway disability sport day

140 people took part in D&G disability sport day Photo: ITV News

Around 140 people from across Dumfries and Galloway came together to take part in the region's first disability sport talent identification day.

The athletes were aged between 12 and 65 and were given the chance to try out different sports and find out what classes are taking place in their area.

"I think today is all about is well is trying to raise the profile of disability sport showing the opportunities we have out there and the talent we have in the area, and then from there hopefully they can take part in international competitions as well.

"And also today is all about making new friends and having fun and having a go at sport if they've maybe not tried it before."

– Laura Vickers, Disability Development Officer, Dumfries and Galloway Council

The festival was also a chance for people with sporting talent to be shown how to progress to the next level. Representatives from Scottish Disability Sport attended the event to scout out potential stars.

They were impressed with several of the athletes and will give them the right guidance to progress onto the next level.

"It's great for everybody to get involved at whatever level in their pathway and it's about them all getting the chance to take part in different sports then we can signpost them into the appropriate level lots of potential today we've got a big list already.

"There's lots of encouraging participation taking part it''s great to see so many people involved but also we've seen a few people that have real potential to get involved at a higher level so it's really good to see. "

– Jennifer Livingstone, Scottish Disability Sport

The idea was to encourage people with a range of disabilities to get out and socialise, whilst enjoying sport. Organisers wanted to give everyone a taster of some of the sports on offer and show them how to get involved.

"It's been a great day and lots of fun. I knew loads of people here but met new people too. We tried football, table tennis and botcha, but football is my favourite."

– Jack Morrison, Talent ID Day athlete

Lori Carnochan went along to have a look at the sports on offer.