Alpaca born at Kendal pub

Baby alpaca Flora Credit: ITV News

A baby Alpaca has been born at a pub near Kendal.

Flora is the latest in a herd of 12 alpacas. The animals are originally from South America but are quite happy in South Lakeland.

Lora joins the growing Alpaca family already living outside the pub. Credit: ITV News

Each alpaca is named after the year they were born starting with A 6 years ago when the pub started breeding them. Amaretto and Angel were born first, followed by Bella, Cappucino, Colin, Dexter, Daphne, Delilah, Eccles, Ebony and now Flora.

Alpacas are an increasingly common site in Cumbria's fields Credit: ITV News

She’s the first of two babies this year.

Baby Flora, the youngest Alpaca, just born at the Station Inn, Kendal Credit: ITV News
Andrew Hipwell tends to the flock of alpacas at his pub. Credit: ITV News

Alpacas are pregnant for 11 and a half months, which probably gives Mum Icicle an excuse to be one of the greediest. But they haven’t got a taste for the pub’s real ale yet.

The second baby F will be born in the next 5 to 10 days. Andrew Hipwell and is family are hoping it'll be solid white and will win awards at next year's agricultural shows.