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Dumfries and Galloway man says turbine applications are 'making cancer worse'

A man from Dumfries and Galloway is condemning a proposal to build three wind turbines near his home, saying it is making his cancer worse.

Ashley Medicks suffers from a rare form of skin cancer.

He says the stress from fighting the proposal is exacerbating his condition.

The proposal to build three turbines within 600 meters of his home is recommended for approval by Dumfries and Galloway Council today.

The turbines will be built 600 metres from Ashley Medicks home Credit: ITV Border

The one thing that tends to make the disease progress is stress, and much as I've tried my level best not to be stressed by the application for the three turbines because my lymphoma is cutaneous lymphoma, I can actually see activity in my skin, which is incredibly frightening, and we just wish this wasn't happening.

– Ashley Medicks