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Kirkcudbright Gallery to secure funding

Kirkcudbright Gallery Project has met initial criteria to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The grant will amount to over £1million and will be used to create a national gallery to promote Kirkcudbright's unique art heritage. Plans are to display the gallery in Kirkcudbright's Town Hall which will also be used to present art and historic exhibitions from across Scotland and the UK.

This is part of the Kirkcudbright Charter which looks at the future use of public buildings in the town.

Council Leader, Councillor Rob Nicholson has said that the funding will help deliver their commitment to the Charter projects, which includes the art gallery and will allow art collections to be better maintained and enjoyed.

The funding could also increase tourism to town, as believed by Councillor Rob Davidson:

"This will encourage as many people as possible, both local and from across the country, to discover the significance of Kirkcudbright's artistic heritage and to acquire knowledge and skills in its interpretation. It will strengthen the tourism infrastructure of Kirkcudbright, which is already marketed as 'Kirkcudbright - Artists' Town,' and will boost the local, regional and national economy."

– Councillor Rob Davidson, chair of Stewarty Area committee