Royal Navy training takes place off Cumbrian shores

Crew and guests on board HMS Charger Credit: ITV Border

The Royal Navy is currently deployed in operations all around the world but much of its training takes place in seas closer to home.

On a Navy patrol vessel off Cumbria's west coast students are learning about life at sea.

Liverpool University Students are on board HMS Charger for a two-week learning exercise.

They will undertake emergency drills and learn navigation skills on board the vessel, off the coast of Whitehaven.

HMS Charger is a P-2000, small inshore vessel, that is run by it's crew "like a big war ship".

For the students on board it's an opportunity to broaden their horizons.

"We run this like a big warship would be run so in terms of the command and control systems it might seem like an elaborate power boat...and in that regard there is quite a a lot of man power involved in it."