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New book details life in 1970s rural Cumbria

The family movies of Eskdale have been put online to help publicise the book Photo: Hall Family Footage/Jennifer Hall

Family movies of Eskdale have been put online to help publicise a book about life there 40 years ago.

It's the work of writer Ian Hall, and it tells the story of the community, his family life, and how it all started with his wife Jen.

Ian Hall's book 'Fisherground, Living the Dream' tells the story of his community and the Eskdale farm house he shared with another family.

"We went to Fisherground with Jen's penfriend Anne-Marie and her husband Geoff and our two families, so we were four adults and four kids in the house from the word go. And the book really climaxes with the foot and mouth year - 2001 - where I was looking at foot and mouth from all four perspectives: I was a farmer and we were desperately worried that foot and mouth would get into the valleys and it would wipe out the whole Herdwick flock - including ours.

"I was well into tourism - we had a campsite that no-one was coming to, we had pine lodges that no-one was coming to - so we were sharing that grief with all the tourism people. As a Priest, I was trying to make sense of it with congregations and failing miserably. And the National Park Authority, again, we were having to make decisions about how on earth you contained this."

– Ian Hall Author of 'Fisherground: Living the Dream'
Ian Hall wrote the book based on his own experiences in Cumbria Credit: ITV News Border

It's the story his daughter Sally grew up in. Now she's helping him launch it with video his wife filmed in the 1970s.

She was two at the time when the footage was taken.

"My father started me off on it. He started the cine club in Keswick in the 1950s. And he taught me how to take photographs, take films and to splice it, edit it, join it together - because in those days you got it back in 50ft footage. Anyway when we went to the farm I thought it would be a good idea to keep a record of everything because you know your write diaries but they get lost."

– Jennifer Hall Filmed the video in the 1970s
The family footage dates back to the 1970s Credit: Hall Family Footage/Jennifer Hall

They're running a competition on a video-sharing site, spotting the difference between the Lake District then and now.

"I would say its a very effective way. It depends what your business is but it's a great way of selling the Lakes. I think 130,000 people have seen the posts that we've been putting up and they've been seeing all the pictures of the Lake District so it's good for the Lake District, it's good for Dad's book."

– Sally Fielding Sally's Cottages

This family has changed with the world, from living in an unconventional home, to diversifying from farming to tourism.

Now their holiday cottage business relies on social media for customers.