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Guitars made for the rich and famous in Penrith

Sting is one of many famous customers Photo: PA

Cumbria is home to many skilled craftsmen and women but guitar and mandolin making is perhaps one of the less well known businesses being run here.

A guitar maker based in Penrith is celebrating over 40 years of making instruments professionally.

Roger Bucknall has crafted guitars for many celebrities, including Sting and Mick Jagger.

Roger is passionate about making instruments. He made his first guitar when he was nine years old.

Guitars are hand-crafted for customers world-wide Credit: ITV Border

Roger sources wood and other materials from all over the world.

Some of the wood is thousands of years old Credit: ITV Border

David Buckingham is one of Roger's latest customers. He is a professional guitarist who lives in London.

He heard about Roger's talent through a friend.

Roger and his team make about 130 instruments a year. Many are made to order and are completely unique.

Roger says he was fascinated by guitar making from a young age Credit: ITV Border