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Increased disc zone spaces to be available in Carlisle

Extra parking spaces will be available in Carlisle Photo: PA

Extra disc zone spaces will soon be available in Carlisle.

The new restricted zone comes into effect on 30th June. It will cover

  • Market Street
  • Fisher Street
  • Finkle Street
  • Castle Street
  • St. Mary’s Gate,
  • Annetwell Street
  • Abbey Street
  • Paternoster Row
  • West Walls.
Double yellow and single yellow lines will be removed and signs will highlight the new area covered by the restricted parking zone. Credit: PA

Spaces will increase from 58 to 69. These will be available in Abbey Street, Castle Street, Finkle Street and Annetwell Street.

Extra Disabled Parking bays will be provided in Fisher Street, Paternoster Row, St. Mary’s Gate, Castle Street and West Walls, increasing from 11 designated spaces to 25.

  • From Monday, parking and loading will be restricted to designated areas.
  • If a length of street has no signs or markings then parking and loading is not permitted by any vehicle, including disabled drivers.
  • Disc parking spaces will continue to operate between Monday and Saturday, 8.30am to 6pm. Outside these hours there are no restrictions on parking in these bays.
  • Drivers parking in a disc space must display a disc showing their time of arrival.
  • Drivers can park for a maximum of one hour only.
Loading bays will also be provided. Credit: PA

Loading Bays will be provided in Market Street, Fisher Street, Finkle Street, Castle Street, Annetwell Street, Abbey Street, St. Mary’s Gate and Paternoster Row.

A parking area for motorcycles has also been provided at the north end of Castle Street.

  • The Motorcycle spaces apply between Monday and Sunday, 8.30am to 6pm.
  • Outside of these hours there are no restrictions on the use of the space.
  • Waiting is limited to one hour with no return allowed within the hour.