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Row over Tweedbank Tapestry plans

There are opponents to plans to bring the Tapestry to Tweedbank Photo: ITV Border

The row over the decision to bring the Great Tapestry of Scotland to Tweedbank is heating up.

There are now more than 1000 signatures on a petition against the Scottish Borders Council's plans to spend millions housing the tapestry.

The Tapestry has been already been viewed by more than 100,000 people Credit: ITV Border

The council claims the Tapestry, which is 143 metres long and was stitched by over 1000 volunteers, will bring tourists to the area.

More than 100,000 visitors have already viewed it throughout its tour of Scotland, and the Council hopes that people will use the Borders Railway to come and see it in Tweedbank.

£3.5 million is being spent on a building to house the Tapestry Credit: ITV Border

However opponents are arguing that the £3.5 million bill is too big a price to pay.

A petition against the plans states:

"We, the undersigned, believe that the decision made by Scottish Borders Council to fund a building in Tweedbank to house the Great Tapestry of Scotland is an unacceptable use of our Council budget at a time when essential services are being cut.

"As residents and tax payers of Scottish Borders Council, we, therefore request our elected members to overturn the decision to spend £3.5 million in this manner".

– Statement on the petition

They are also questioning the choice to place it in Tweedbank, as opposed to a textile-based town in the Borders.

However, the Council says it is confident in its decision, claiming the investment is long term, and that the new building will be put to good use in the coming years.

"What we've done is design the building very carefully so that it's a multi-purpose building, so that in years to come, if the tapestry didn't work then we could do something with the building and still get a return for our public purse."

– Cllr David Parker