Deadline for fence objections

United Utilities wants to build a fence in the Lake District Credit: ITV Border

Today is the deadline for objections to plans to build a five mile fence on part of the Lake District fells.

The fence has been proposed to help protect the quality of water in a reservoir that supplies most of the North West.

But opponents claim there is no proof that it will do this.

United Utilities, the company responsible for the reservoir, says that its water quality is 'getting worse' as peat is being washed into it.

The company claims the fence is necessary as it will prevent land erosion, which will in turn cut down the amount of degraded peat reaching the water.

Another fence similar to the one proposed has been in place for three years, and the company argues that early indications show it is working.

The fence that has been in place for three years Credit: ITV Border

However, opponents argue there is not enough evidence to prove that it has in fact been beneficial.

They say the company cannot justify another fence, which they say will tarnish the landscape.