'Yarn bombers' descend on Dumfries' bollards

A group has decorated bollards and Chicanes with bright knitwear for safety reasons Credit: ITV Border

An anonymous group of "yarn bombers" has been wrapping brightly coloured knitwear around bollards in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Bollard (and Chicane) Protection Authority started the campaign to try and alert cyclists to the bollards, which it believes formed a hazard in the dark.

It says its intentions were to help after hearing stories of people injuring themselves, and that the "cheerful intervention" was to improve safety for cyclists in Dumfries.

"Our carefully crafted street furniture knitwear is not just colourful, but hi vis and retro-reflective so it shows up in people's front lights when they're cycling after dark.

The Bollard (and Chicane) Protection Authority

While the group claims it has had some positive responses from the community, not everyone welcomed the 'yarn bombing'.

The Council originally said it was going to remove the knitwear, calling it"litter".

"If the positioning of bollards and other street furniture is an issue for people, they should raise the matter with the Council directly.

Spokesperson, Dumfries and Galloway
The council called the knitwear 'litter' Credit: ITV Border

But the Council has now released a statement saying it would be happy to talk with the group, who says it never meant to cause any trouble.

“We appreciate arts and crafts in the region and this is certainly a very colourful way to draw attention to an issue.

Harry Thomson, Head of Integrated Transport & Commissioning