Glimpse into an endangered way of life

The exhibition is running at Rheged. Credit: ITV Border

At 73, Jean Wilson still gets up at 6am every day to look after her sheep.

She's one of the Lake District's Herdwick sheep farmers.

And a new exhibition at the Rheged Centre - Herdwick: A Portrait of Lakeland - offers a glimpse into her way of life.

It's the work of photographer Ian Lawson, who spent five years studying Lake District fell farmers like Jean, and their sheep.

Ian Lawson Credit: ITV Border
Ian Lawson's photos offer a unique look at Herdwick farming. Credit: ITV Border

Meat can only be classed as Lakeland Herdwick if the sheep are reared in Cumbria.

The breed was awarded Protected Status by the European Commission in 2013.