Giant lamb born in Borders could be biggest in UK

Farmer Dougie Runciman with the mega lamb and another born at the same time. Credit: Heather Runciman

A gigantic lamb born in the Scottish Borders could be the biggest newborn in the UK.

The not-so-little lamb was born in the early hours of Wednesday morning, 25 March, at Huntington Farm near Lauder.

She's been called BB - short for Big Betty.

When farmer Dougie Runciman weighed her, the Texel cross ewe almost broke the farm scales, weighing in at 22lbs.

And when she was later weighed on the bathroom scales by Dougie and his wife, Heather, she came out at a massive 28lbs.

That's four times the size of the average newborn lamb, at just 7lbs.

Earlier this year a lamb was found to weigh 24lbs 2oz on a farm in north Wales.

But now, sheep industry experts are trying to confirm whether this latest arrival is even heavier.

Lambing man John Ainslie helped her into the world at 3am, and handed her over to the farmer around two-and-a-half hours later.