Meet Dumfries' Valais Blacknose Sheep

Credit: ITV Border

A rare breed of sheep, originally from Switzerland, has begun lambing in Dumfries and Galloway.

Around 200 Valais Blacknose sheep were imported to the UK for the first time last year.

And six of them - Bernie the ram, and 5 pregnant ewes - now live near Dumfries.

Sheep breeder Emily Duncan first saw the Swiss sheep on the front of a magazine, and was originally confused by what animal they were due to their unusual black faces and extra fluffy coat.

Emily Duncan was originally unsure what animal the Valais Blacknose were because of their unusual features Credit: ITV Border

But it was during a visit to the Highlands that she encountered the first flock in Scotland and decided she wanted her own.

Ms Duncan was lucky she was able to import them - they have now stopped being imported, and no more are expected to enter the country over the next seven years.

And that's why for those breeding the unusual sheep, lambs like these are important: they encourage the growth of the breed in this country.

Credit: ITV Border

The South of Scotland flock are adjusting well to their new, wetter climate.

And those in Dumfries have welcomed them with open arms.

While the sheep are normally popular for their meat and their fleece, it's how comfortable they are around humans that is proving popular with many.