Cumbria tries to crack Chinese tourism market

Credit: ITV Border

Cumbrian businesses and tourism officials are trying to attract Chinese visitors to the county.

They say the potential market is massive.

A reported 190,000 students from China come to learn in the UK every year, and they are just some of the possible visitors being targeted in the new initiative.

The number of people visiting the Lake District from China is growing each year.

But it's estimated that these visitors only stay an average of three hours.

With this in mind, tourism chiefs are keen to tailor specific attractions to fit the schedule of Chinese tourists.

Tourist information pamphlets are being translated into Chinese as part of the efforts Credit: ITV Border

And efforts are also being made to bridge possible language barriers.

Tourist information pamphlets are now available in Mandarin, and hotel websites also offer Mandarin translations.

A Lake District hotel website that is available in Mandarin Credit: ITV Border

Interns with the required language skills have been employed specifically to help with the process.

And some staff themselves are learning the language to make sure they are able to communicate properly with their new customers.

Interns have been employed to help with the process Credit: ITV Border