The following is a full list of all the candidates who have been registered to stand for Border constituencies.

Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk

  • Calum Robert Kerr (SNP)

  • John Robert Lamont (Scottish Conservative)

  • Kenryck Arthur Lloyd-Jones (Scottish Labour)

  • Michael Kevin Moore (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

  • Peter Thomas Neilson (UKIP)

  • Jesse Rae (Independent)

  • Pauline Stewart (Scottish Green Party)


  • Loraine Birchall (Liberal Democrats)

  • Helen Davison (Green Party)

  • Fiona Mills (UKIP)

  • Lee Sherriff (Labour)

  • John Stevenson (Conservative)

  • Alfred Okam (Independent)


  • Danny Gallagher (Liberal Democrats)

  • Stephen Haraldsen (Conservative)

  • Michael Pye (UKIP)

  • Jamie Reed (Labour)

  • Allan Todd (Green Party)

Dumfries and Galloway

  • Richard Arkless (SNP)

  • Russell Leslie Brown (Scottish Labour)

  • Finlay Hamilton Carson (Scottish Conservatives)

  • Andrew Robert Metcalf (Scottish Liberal Democrats)

  • Geoff Siddall (UKIP)

Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale & Tweeddale

  • Archie Dryburgh (Labour)

  • Emma Harper (SNP)

  • Jody Jamieson (Green)

  • Amanda Kubie (Liberal Democrats)

  • David Mundell (Conservative)

  • Kevin Newton (UKIP)

Penrith & The Border

  • George Bryan Burrow (Green Party)

  • Neil Hughes (Liberal Democrats)

  • Lee Rushworth (Labour)

  • John Stanyer (UKIP)

  • Rory Stewart (Conservative)

Westmorland & Lonsdale

  • John Bateson (Labour)

  • Tim Farron (Liberal Democrats)

  • Chris Loynes (Green Party)

  • Ann Myatt (Conservative)

  • Alan Piper (UKIP)


  • Sue Hayman (Labour)

  • Mark Jenkinson (UKIP)

  • Rozila Kana (Conservative)

  • Jill Perry (Green)

  • Phill Roberts (Liberal Democrats)

  • Roy Ivinson (Independent)