In pictures: top discoveries at Maryport's Roman fort

Some of the collection of stone alters found at the site Credit: ITV Border

The North of England Civic Trust, the new owner of Alauna Roman fort at Maryport, is hoping to turn the site into a visitor attraction.

We have collected a gallery of some of the best artefacts found at the site so far.

"Shrine of the standards" altar shrine found in temple remains, latest altar unearthed at site during recent dig Credit: ITV Border
Dedication wreath to the victory of the legion that was based at the fort Credit: ITV Border
Dedication to a local Maryport Roman goddess Credit: ITV Border
Roman carving of a man on a horse Credit: ITV Border
A wild boar, running to the left, tusks and curly tail carefully outlined Credit: ITV Border
An inscription set into the wall of a building recording work at the fort by the detachments of the 2nd legion Augusta from Caerleon and the 20th Legion Valeria Victrix from Chester Credit: ITV Border