How to register to vote

Credit: ITV Border

Registering to vote in this year's General Election takes less than three minutes - you can register online, and you can even do it on your phone.

But with the deadline to register on Monday 20 April, and with changes to the way we do it, there are fears that many could be left off the electoral register.

Each person now has to register individually, as opposed to previous years where the head of household could sign up on behalf of everyone.

To help you register, we've set up an easy how-to guide.

What you'll need:

  • your name

  • your postcode (if you live in student accommodation, use the postcode of the constituency in which you would like to vote)

  • your National Insurance Number (You can complete the registration without it but if your electoral registration office can’t verify you, they’ll contact you. They have until April 28 to do this.)

  • To decide whether you will put your name on the open register, which will just make your name available for purchase by companies or organisations. (This will not effect your right to vote.)

To register to vote, you must be:

  • Aged 16 or over (though you must be at least 18 by May 7 to actually vote)

  • A British or qualifying Commonwealth citizen who has leave to remain in the UK

  • A Citizen of the Republic of Ireland or other EU member state, with UK residency

If you are unable to visit the polling station on polling day

  • Apply for a postal vote

  • Your local electoral registration office must receive this completed application by 5pm on 21 April