Local actors, filmmakers and students from Carlisle have produced a short film encouraging young people to vote in the General Election.

'The Guardians', directed by Peadar Sweeney of Eden Films, follows historical figures from Carlisle's past, as they attempt to persuade a group of students to cast their vote.

The film features actors playing:

  • Queen Victoria

  • A Border Reiver

  • James Steel - editor of the Carlisle Journal and Mayor of the city

  • Jimmy Dyre - known as The Cumberland Bard

They have to convince the young adults that they can have a say in their future, and can make positive changes by visiting the polling station.

The filmmakers hope that by using humour, they can get across a serious social message, to combat what they see as a serious problem.

A poll for British Future shows only 41 percent of young people say they'll definitely cast their ballot, meaning around two million 18 to 23 year olds won't vote.

2014 Electoral Commission figures:


Of 20-24 year olds registered to vote


Of people over 65 registered to vote

At 2010 General Election:


Of 18 to 24-year-olds voted


Of people over 65 voted