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When you wish upon a star

The group of children and adults range in age from five to thirty Credit: ITV Border

A community singing group from Workington has become the first Cumbrian team to make it through auditions to sing at Disneyland Paris.

The team of children and adults range in age from five to thirty.

They have been rehearsing for months for their big moment this December.

The group during a rehearsal Credit: ITV Border

They've worked really, really hard to get where they are and they deserve it, you know, I mean I don't think people from this area get too many opportunities like this so it's really nice for them to be able to go.

And it's inspirational for other people who are maybe sitting at home and thinking I would quite like to try that. These are the kind of rewards you get if you work hard and you do do well."

– Amy Pearce, The Singing School Coach

The group now have around six months to become word-perfect in five songs, some of which have French lyrics.

Three of the songs will be known, but two won't have been heard before.

They're set to sing on the stage in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle to an audience of thousands at Christmas time.

The group will sing in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle Credit: PA

"I've never been to Disney Land and we're going to be singing in front of the castle on the stage."

– Annie-Mae Lea, Age 9

But it won't all be about the performance - some members of the group are hoping to take advantage of their time at the Disneyland theme park.

"I think I'll go on a lot of rides and enjoy myself on them as well." -

– Elden Taylor, Age 7