Sheep video causing a stir

The video shows a sheep struggling to get back up. Credit: Darren Green

A video showing a Cumbrian man rescuing a sheep is causing a stir on social media.

Darren Green uploaded the video - called "Saving a fat sheep that couldn't get up" - to Facebook.

In it, he comes across a sheep lying on his back, and helps it back to its feet.

The video already has hundreds of 'likes' and comments.

Many people have pointed out that Darren could well have saved the sheep's life - when a sheep becomes stuck like this it's known as a 'cast sheep', and can quickly become distressed and die.

I would like to thank the person that took this short piece of video... Can people who enjoy the countryside and especially the fells, when you are out there, please keep an eye out for the animals and help if you can." >

Jon Joe, Facebook

Sadly quite common, especially on slopes as sheep cannot roll all the way over so if their legs are uphill of them, they are stuck and lying in this position their lungs can't cope. I have saved one or two at the death rattle stage who have been walking around 5 minutes later. It's a great feeling." >

Helen Howe, Facebook

Well done sheep would have died without your help."

Lorna Samuel, Facebook