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GNAAS urges householders to recycle

GNAAS sorting through ink cartridges Photo: GNAAS

Cumbrians are being urged to donate mobile phones and ink cartridges to their local air ambulance as part of this year's Recycle Week.

The Great North Air Ambulance Services says the items will help fund the aircraft and can be dropped off at their Penrith office.

“This is a great way for people to turn old goods into life-saving support.

Many of us have old mobiles lying at the back of our drawers and we ask that you please don’t throw them away.

“Millions of phones end up in landfill each year, but if they are recycled, it eliminates this threat to the planet's resources and helps to keep the aircraft flying.”

– John Ballan, team manager at GNAAS Trading Company

Recycle Week is running until Sunday and this year’s theme is ‘recycling around the home’.