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Scotland's first micropub opens in the Borders

The pub is opening in Kelso today. Photo: ITV News

Scotland's first micropub opens its doors in Kelso this evening (10 July).

Rutherfords Micropub is small, as you might expect, but its owners say it's going to be "so much more than a pub".

Rutherford's Micropub. Credit: ITV Border

The tiny drinking venue is modelled on similar businesses in England, but will be a first for Scotland.

The emphasis is on having an old-fashioned, community feel, with friendly service and a variety of locally produced ales and craft gins.

It won't have a TV - the micropub shuns technology, in favour of simple conversation, and owner Debbie Rutherford says that should be a key selling point:

In a pub this size you are going to get chatting to people.

Even if you are whispering people are going to overhear what you are saying, so it is a really good chance to get to meet people and talk to people and enjoy a really fantastic ale.

– Debbie Rutherford