The woman who sold everything... to look for love

Nicci and her dog, Milo. Credit: ITV Border

A woman has sold almost everything she owns, in order to travel around Scotland looking for love.

Nicci Taylor is tired of waiting for the perfect man to show up, so she's decided to buy a camper van and set out to find a husband.

And what better place to find romance than Gretna Green?

The famous wedding destination is the first stop on her trip.

She's then planning to travel through the country she fell in love with, when she worked as an air hostess in Edinburgh.

Nicci has been to Gretna Green. Credit: ITV Border

Having brought up her son as a single parent, and cared for her sister who had a brain haemorrhage, Nicci feels the time is right to put herself first.

And after she was made redundant, she seized the opportunity.

The 49-year-old, from Merseyside, sold most of her possessions in a car boot sale - except for her faithful labrador, Milo.

She knows she's taking a big risk, but is confident the perfect man for her is out there somewhere: