Scottish Borders Council owed over £45 million in unpaid Council tax

Over £45 million worth of unpaid Council tax is owed to Scottish Borders Council. Credit: PA

According to figures published by the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Borders Council is owed over £45 million in unpaid Council tax, an increase of around £13 million on the October 2014 figure.


The current amount owed to the Council


The amount of unpaid Council tax owed to the Scottish Borders Council in October 2014.

The figures were released in response to a Freedom of Information request from the Scottish Conservatives, and exclude water and waste charges.

While the Council has made some progress in collecting council tax due from previous years, these statistics suggest the total amount outstanding will increase year on year.

Local MSP John Lamont had this to say:

While it is welcome news that the Council is making some progress in collecting historical arrears, the fact remains that the overall amount overdue in council tax has risen by over a million pounds in 9 months.

MSP John Lamont