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Family remember Jamie Gilroy as festival approaches

Jamie Gilroy was famous for his waistcoats. Photo: ITV Border

Around 15,000 people will descend on a field near Dundrennan in Dumfries and Galloway this weekend, for the 2015 Wickerman festival.

From humble beginnings in 2001, the event has grown into the biggest music festival in the south of Scotland.

That was mostly down to the drive and passion of one man, Jamie Gilroy.

When the festival's founder died in December, its future looked in doubt.

But his family decided the show must go on - and it looks like this year's event could be the biggest yet.

This year's festival gets underway tomorrow. Credit: ITV Border

Jamie Gilroy was found on his farm with a serious head injury, caused by a firearm, in December last year.

He died in hospital.

His wife, Patsy, and daughter Jennie, were in London at the time, where Jennie was receiving treatment for cancer:

Jennie Camm Credit: ITV Border

At the time I was actually having chemotherapy when we heard, so I was actually hooked up to the machines, so yes it was pretty much as bad as it could get.

But you know we deal with it. We deal with every day and move on. I'm fit and healthy and got the all clear from breast cancer, which is brilliant, we're here today, the sun is shining.

One foot in front of the other and we're just looking forward to welcoming everyone to the festival this year."

– Jennie Camm, Festival Director

After lengthy talks, the family decided to continue the festival this year, and Jennie took on the position of Director, and she's already making her mark.

We've increased the traders we've got new food people coming in because more and more people are looking for better quality food, it's not enough just to do chips.

From the kids point of view we've got the circus here which will be fantastic, the mobile zip wire which is going to be quite interesting, and also we've put wifi across the site."

– Jennie Camm, Festival Founder

The festival begins tomorrow and finishes with the burning of the Wickerman on Saturday night.

But before then, Jennie says she'll take a moment to remember her dad, at a very special place:

Jamie Gilroy built the hut for his daughter. Credit: ITV Border

That little hut on the hill over there? That's Agatha, and dad built that for me for my birthday and so it gives me the best view of the sight.

I think that's where I'll go.

When that will be I haven't got a clue, but at some point I'll disappear up to Agatha and have a look down over the sight.

– Jennie Camm, Festival Founder