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Sir Tom Jones tells Carlisle fundraiser "you're amazing"

Carlisle's Jodie Vasquez meeting Sir Tom Jones before his concert at Britts Park Photo: Maxine Farish

Local fundraiser Jodie Vasquez was invited to meet music legend Sir Tom Jones to congratulate her on her fundraising efforts.

The meet and greet was organised by the Sick Children's Trust to thank Jodie for her her contribution to the charity over the past six years.

Jodie and Sir Tom Jones took a selfie Credit: Maxine Farish

The 21 year old from Currock was invited backstage to meet Sir Tom ahead of his concert at the Britts Park.

Jodie has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), meaning she is unable to eat or drink and is fed via tube.

Despite this, Jodie has managed to raise £23,603 through her various fundraising endeavours to date.

Jodie said she had a fab night:

I had a really great time meeting and chatting to Sir Tom Jones before he went on stage, he was really interested in my fundraising and my personal story

after seeing my British Citizen Award Medal I was proudly wearing he asked why received it, told me I was "amazing", gave me a big hug and let me take a selfie with him "

– Jodie Vasquez
Selfie with Sir Tom Credit: Maxine Farish

Jodie's proud mum Maxine went along with her to meet Sir Tom, adding:

Jodie had a truly wonderful time,. He was so lovely and friendly and it was awesome to actually meet him."

– Maxine Farish - Jodie's mum