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Speed bump petition after girl hit by car

A community in Jedburgh is calling on the council to stop motorists from speeding down their street.

At the end of June, five-year-old Lucy Rae was knocked down by a car on Priors Meadow, and broke her ankle.

Lucy Rae Credit: Arlene Rae

Her mother has now launched a petition asking Scottish Borders Council to install speed bumps on the street, and it's already been signed by more than one hundred people.

Arlene Rae says there are a large number of children in the area, but that often drivers can't see them because of cars parked along the street.

Scottish Borders Council says it's already investigated the accident in which Lucy Rae was knocked down.

But it says it won't install more speed control measures, because it needs to apply them to roads with more traffic:

The circumstances of the incident at Priors Meadow have been investigated, including discussions with Police Scotland, and a traffic survey undertaken.

The traffic survey revealed that both the volume and speeds were actually very low:

In terms of numbers the busiest day was a Friday with 470 vehicles over the 24 hour period.

Even looking at the busiest one hour period, vehicles equated to less than one a minute.

The average speed of vehicles on the road was 18 mph with 85% of vehicles were travelling at 23.5 mph or less.

The Council's resources in relation to accident prevention and road safety have to be targeted at those areas with the greatest need. Unfortunately there are a great many roads in the Scottish Borders where vehicle volumes are many times what is encountered on Priors Meadow and/or where average speeds are up to double those measured here.

In the circumstances it would not be appropriate to undertake any further traffic calming at Priors Meadow, which is already subject to a '20s Plenty' provision."

– Scottish Borders Council