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Environmental Art Festival Scotland

Environmental Art Festival Photo: ITV Border

This year’s event includes a costumed performance on Sunday, which will take place against the impressive backdrop of the medieval castle, its loch and the surrounding hillsides.

Another, will see riders from Annandale and Nithsdale cross the hills from Moffat on a 12-hour expedition carrying water from Hartfell Spring which is said to give special powers of wisdom to anyone who drinks it.

Among the 15 riders on the trek will be Cornets who take part in the annual ridings of the marches that take place across Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

Environmental Arts Festival Credit: ITV Border

Quest involves riders from Lockerbie, Annan, Dumfries, Thornhill and Sanquhar and is led by local environmental artist and director of ‘Wide Open’ Jan Hogarth:

It's is all about bringing people together. Artists, scientists, local communities and people who love the land and to look for better ways to live in the future.

There’s also a sense of it being about healing, and there’s a bit of symbolism in having riders from Annandale and Nithsdale bringing the water of wisdom together as the regions were notorious for feuding with each other in the past.

Another feature of the free public art event, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday, is a unicorn – a creature with strong mythical associations with wisdom and healing.

– Jan Hogarth
EAFS Credit: ITV Border

There will be plenty of activities to enjoy at the festival which encourages people to get involved rather than be a passive observer.

Full details can be found at the EAFS website.