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Melrose named Fairtrade town

Melrose has become the third town in the Scottish Borders to be awarded Fairtrade status.

The achievement recognises the large number of local businesses that stock Fairtrade products.

This local deli stocks Fairtrade. Credit: ITV Border

The town's Fairtrade group hopes the recognition will lead to even more people buying Fairtrade products.

It hopefully spurs people on to think about the choices they make when they go shopping for a range of products, and if they maybe haven't tried a Fairtrade product maybe to take one off the shelf and try it, see if they like the quality, wether the price is right for them, and to recognise that everytime you buy a fairtrade product, you are actually helping a producer in a developing country."

– Dave Potts, Melrose and District Fairtrade Group

There's also a push to teach local children about what Fairtrade means.

At Melrose Primary School can buy Fairtrade products from a special monthly tuck shop.

I know that it tries to help people in third world countries to get a fair wage, clean water and help people get new schools and just get things better.

Well, we learned about Fairtrade premium, which is about helping the community as well as the farmers."

– Melrose Primary School pupil