'Living sculpture' built to remember Bosnian War victims

The sculpture is to mark the Day of the Disappeared. Credit: Matthew Shelley

Volunteers have built a 15-ft "living sculpture" near Moffat, to mark the Day of the Disappeared.

It's made from local lime trees, and can be found in the Annan Water Valley.

It's hoped the structure will eventually take root, forming a lasting memorial to people who have been missing since the Bosnian War.

Volunteers from the area got involved. Credit: Matthew Shelley

Local people and members of the Red Cross Refugee Service spent the day building the sculpture.

They were led by Catherine Major, who visited Bosnia earlier this year with Remembering Srebrenica to learn about the war.

More than 8,000 people are still missing as a result of the conflict.

They are remembered on International Day of the Disappeared, which is held on 30 August every year.