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South Cumbria police changes: what you need to know

Windermere Police Station will remain open. Credit: ITV Border

Changes are being made to the way the police operate in south Cumbria, meaning officers will start their shifts in Kendal or Barrow, rather than at smaller stations like Windermere or Ambleside.

That's led to criticism from local people and businesses, who fear it could lead to rural areas being more vulnerable to crime.

Here's what you need to know about the changes:

  • There are currently ten neighbourhood policing teams in Cumbria
  • From April 2016, this will be reduced to three - covering the north, west and south of the county
  • This means there will be fewer deployment centres, where officers are briefed, and pick up a vehicle, radio and kit for the day
  • South Cumbria will have deployment centres in Kendal and Barrow
Windermere Police Station Credit: ITV Border

The police stations in Windermere and Ambleside will remain open, contrary to concerns that they would close.

But officers will start their shifts in Kendal or Barrow, leading to concerns that at certain times other parts of south Cumbria will be more vulnerable.

Superintendent Rob O'Connor has addressed these fears:

We will have sufficient resources at peak times to respond to incidents in the same way we do now.

I'm confident that we will still be able to respond to any incidents that we're called to, in the same time promises that we set ourselves."

– Supt Rob O'Connor