Today's good weather was good news for organisers of the Westmorland County Show.

Over 30,000 people attended and it looks like it might have been its busiest year on record.

The Westmorland County Show is one of Cumbria's biggest events and one of the oldest and largest agricultural shows in the UK.

It's now so big that they don't just come from Cumbria, but people come from around the UK and even beyond from places like France and Belgium.

Farmers need it because they need people to understand what they do and how they go about doing it, so we've got prize winning cattle; some of the best sheep in the country here today.

Christine Knipe, Westmorland County Show
Milk and lamb prices are causing concern. Credit: ITV Border

But the calls for rises in milk and lamb prices have still been at the forefront of people's minds.

The average price farmers are paid for milk is the lowest it's been for 5 years. Farmers argue is costs more to produce. But retailers say they're paying the going rate because Europe produces too much milk.

We've just done our 2016 budget and we're going to lose money.

Matthew Robinson, Dairy Farmer near Crooklands

Farmers complain of falling lamb prices too. The NFU blames imports from Europe flooding the market and driving down prices.

Our biggest concerns at the minute is the price of the fat lambs, they're absolutely through the floor at the minute. It's costing us more to get them to market than what they're actually paying for them."

Jayne Knowles, Sheep Farmer from Selside

So we want sustainability for our farmers, because that for this district is absolutely fundamental.

Minette Batters, NFU Deputy President

It's hoped this show will help because all these visitors will understand farming better.

There was plenty to do at the event. Credit: ITV Border
There was plenty to do at the event. Credit: ITV Border

The best thing that I've been doing is going to pet the dogs and feed them biscuits and all the really nice fudge at all the stores."

James Ellis, Age 10, from Endmoor near Kendal

We've been to see the horses and all the dancing sheep."

Izzy Horn, Age 9, from Endmoor near Kendal