Ten teenage carers from South Cumbria have had their holiday ruined by thieves.

It was supposed to be a fun break from lives dedicated to caring for their parents, brothers or sisters.

The 13 to 17-year olds had three days of bowling, trampolining, bungee jumping and shopping in Manchester.

On their last day, they packed their suitcases into the van and went skiing and snowboarding at an indoor snow dome.

They were about to return home when they realised their van had been broken into and 12 suitcases stolen.

"Everyone just sat there and cried"

They contained sentimental things like photos and gifts they had bought for their families.

Kayla Laisby is a carer for her mum, and her dad who has terminal cancer.

A special photo of her and her dad was stolen.

Kayla and two of the other carers. Credit: Kayla Laisby

When we got back to the van everyone just sat there and cried because there was nothing left. I had presents in my suitcase, all my coats, my makeup, straighteners, new shoes, everything was in there. A photo of me and my Dad was in there as well from when we were younger. It might just be stuff to everyone else, but it was my stuff and it was personal."

Kayla Laisby, young carer from Grange

Some of the clothes can be replaced, some of them can't be but the break is really important because if I need to get out somewhere I always think, this is coming up in the summer holidays." >

MARGO BURROW, Young Carer from Kendal
Kayla and Steve. Credit: ITV Border

Now South Lakeland Carers is appealing for donations to replace what was taken.

We've set up a specific fund: the young carers respite fund and any money that comes for that we'll use it to try and replace where insurance doesn't cover anything we'll try and replace wherever we can. But I think more than that, more than the money I think it's the value that the children themselves will feel: they'll feel more valued again, it'll restore their faith in people." >

STEVE POLLARD, South Lakeland Carers

Their appeal has already been met with donations.