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What is the Great Tapestry of Scotland?

The Tapestry. Credit: Alex Hewitt.

Plans to permanently house the Great Tapestry of Scotland in Tweedbank came under scrutiny today.

Councillors met to consider a petition against the plans, because campaigners say they're too costly - at around £3.5m - for Scottish Borders Council.

The petition was rejected by the council, which says the tapestry will bring tourists to the region and create jobs.

They say Tweedbank is the best location because it has a station for the new Borders Railway.

What is the tapestry?

  • It's believed to be the longest embroidered tapestry in the world, at 143 metres long
  • Stitching began in Spring 2012, and the total 160 panels were completed in late 2013
  • A total of more than 50,000 hours of work went into it
  • The panels show events that are important to Scotland's history
  • It's been on tour throughout Scotland, but the plan is to permanently store it at Tweedbank in the Scottish Borders
The Tapestry. Credit: Alex Hewitt.
The Tapestry. Credit: Alex Hewitt.
The Tapestry. Credit: Alex Hewitt.