Carlisle joiner becomes abstract painter

The exhibition. Credit: ITV Border

The Old Fire Station in Carlisle has opened a new art exhibition featuring the work of a joiner from Carlisle who became an abstract painter.

It's all part of plans to make the new arts hub a success, after the building was saved from closure.

The exhibition. Credit: ITV Border

Colin Beck paints naked figures in an abstract style on anything lying around, which for him is often wood.

As a child he wanted to be an artist, but his father suggested he learn a trade. After 40 years as a joiner, he's finally come back to his passion.

One day it just suddenly came to me that I was going to make some kind of images and I started painting.

Colin Beck, Artist
The exhibition. Credit: ITV Border
The exhibition. Credit: ITV Border

This is the 6th exhibition at the Old Fire Station in Carlisle since it opened and staff hope it'll bring more people to the centre, cementing its success as an arts venue.

It's part of getting more local art seen and that's a big thing that the Old Fire Station can and should be supporting and what we are trying to develop here is eventually have permanent gallery space. We're in talks with a number of partners at the moment to see how we can do that because the venue has got to balance being a business and being a creative hub."

Stephen Dunn, The Old Fire Station, Carlisle

You can view the exhibition for free all throughout October.