They explained to me, sitting here in this house... 'we can help you'. It took the stress away the same day. I felt good, things were going to get better, and they did. Now I'm debt-free, and I'm chuffed.

David Foster

David Foster knows all about the problems of ending up in debt that can quickly escalate. He lost his job because of ill health and saw the amount he owed go up and up.

In 2007 I was a lorry driver and I had a heart attack and then I was off work for quite a bit and my debts just started going up, the interest rate was added onto the debts. It spiralled out of control and I got deeper and deeper and I had to look for help.

David Foster

But what seemed like a desperate situation was turned around once he contacted the charity, Christians Against Povery in Carlisle.

Now a similar debt service, to help people like David, is being opened in Penrith. It will cover the whole of the Eden Valley.

David is full of praise for the church-based service and believes it could now help many more people to find a way out of their debts.