Cumbria's floods: as it happened

This property in Burneside was one of the worst flooded Credit: ITV News Border

Thousands of people across the region have been protecting their homes from flooding after heavy rain and wind throughout the weekend.

Severe Flood Warnings were issued for Egremont and Kendal, but these were downgraded to Flood Warnings as the day wore on.

There are still Flood Warnings and Flood Alerts in much of Cumbria and Southern Scotland.

"I opened up my curtains and then just saw water everywhere, which was quite a shock and then rushed downstairs to have a look at the state of the house. Water has got into the back of the house, because it lies lower down at the back of the house, so the utility room was about 6 inches in water this morning and that was just about to come into the kitchen."

Stella Crompton, Burneside Resident
Windermere's water level has risen, as many of Cumbria's lakes have Credit: ITV News Border

South Cumbria was worst hit. Heavy rain has fallen all weekend on already saturated ground. The lakes are swollen and the river Kent in Kendal was the highest it's been for five years.

12 Severe Flood Warnings were issued last night: six for Egremont and six for Kendal.

South Lakeland District Council warned 200 to 1000 homes near the River Kent in Kendal could flood and emergency services urged residents to go to higher ground to avoid needing to be rescued later, though most opted to stay.

The Environment Agency issued a total of 48 flood warnings and alerts across Cumbria, while the Scottish Protection Agency issued Flood Alerts for Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders.

"I'll not deny I was terrified because I was expecting Armagedon. The driver from Adult Social Care showed me the river and I didn't want to look because I knew it was going to be bad, but I've seen it slightly worse on the night that Cockermouth flooded and it gives me hope that when I get home I'll have a house to go back to."

Martyn Roberts, Kendal Resident who went to an Evacuation Centre

"We've got a good chance with the pumps, if we can keep them going, to keep the water in the Beck, to save the house, so I'll do that as long as I can."

Egremont Resident, who chose to stay in his home
The River Kent is not expected to rise much more now. Credit: ITV News Border

By the morning, Egremont's warnings were downgraded and by mid-afternoon, Kendal's were too.

Whitesands in Dumfries was upgraded to a Flood Warning during the afternoon, as rain continued to fall.

The Environment Agency is still warning people not to go near rivers as they are swollen, running fast and are therefore dangerous.

"Over the last few days we've had really significant forecasts of heavy rain over Cumbria and over Lancashire as well. Now overnight we haven't had quite as much rain as we expected but as you can see the rivers are still up."

Stewart Mounsey, Environment Agency
Much of the A591 suffered from standing water running of the fells Credit: ITV News Border
Drivers were urged to drive only when necessary Credit: ITV News Border

Although some houses were flooded, the numbers were nothing like what the emergency services were prepared for.

The roads did not suffer so well: the A66 was closed for a time due to standing water and debris on the road and water ran off the fells and onto the A591, causing areas of deep standing water. Many cars had to be abandoned.

Fire crews were busy pumping water to protect homes. They were also called to The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere, where up to 151 guests were stranded for a time as a moat collected in the car park.

"There's a substation to the hotel. If the water had got into there, the electrics would have gone and would knocked out the whole hotel. There was 146 guests in the hotel so obviously their welfare was utmost. We've got the two pumps here and they managed to pump the water out to keep the water from getting into the hotel. Unfortunately it's affected the spa area of the hotel and contaminated the water there."

Watch Manager Ian Westall, Cumbria Fire & Rescue
The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere was cut off for a while due to flooding Credit: ITV News Border
Staveley's retained fire fighters stopped the flood water's damaging the hotel's generators Credit: ITV News Border
Fire crews were busy pumping water throughout the day Credit: ITV News Border

In the end Evacuation Refuge Centres in Kendal and Egremont weren't as busy as the authorities originally thought. In Kendal, the one person who came to the Town Hall was taken to join 6 others at the Leisure Centre.

The authorities stress their preparation and flood defences prevented any loss of life and the number of flooded homes they originally feared.

The A591 near Toutbeck Bridge was closed for a while as flood water brought a wall down. Credit: ITV News Border