Borders families welcome spending review's no cuts to tax credits

Families in the Borders have welcomed no changes to tax credits

The Chancellor's announcement that there'll be no cuts to tax credits has been welcomed in the Borders.

Mary Turnbull, from Hume, receives £57 a week in child tax credits to look after her two year old daughter, Sandra. She is a full-time mum and relies on the tax credit to supplement her husband's income.

"It's very very important because it helps me with shopping and that because Brian gets only a low wage so he works 16 hours a week , so the child tax credit comes in very handy."

Mary Turnbull, from Hume

She had expected some of the tax credits to be cut and was very surprised by George Osborne's announcement. In the Commons the Chancellor said:

"I've listened to the concerns. I hear and understand them and because I've been able to announce today an improvement in the public finances the simplest thing to do is not to phase these changes in but to avoid them altogether."

George Osbourne, Chancellor (Conservative)

Afterwards Mary gave her reaction:

"Yes very pleased that they're not putting it down or anything because when you're on a low income tax credit does help when you've got wee ones running about."

Mary Turnbull, from Hume

Michael Grieve from Hawick is in a similar position. He claims tax credits for his 17-year old daughter. His wife died earlier this year and before that he'd been unable to work for five years as he cared for her. So he says the credits are vital.

Like Mary he is a Labour party member but welcomed the Chancellor's decision not to touch tax credits.

"It is good news. It was a big shock that the government has listened to grass roots people and the House of Lords who we had to rely on. It's a bit of a shock in this day and age, relying on an unelected house but they did their job, they made the government listen, which is great."

Michael Grieve from Hawick