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Flimby: one week after the floods

The emergency centre. Credit: ITV Border

One week after heavy rain caused major flooding in Flimby, the community has come together to help those in need.

Food, clothing, cleaning products and furniture have been donated to an emergency centre at the village's Old Methodist Church.

Similar centres have been set up in other towns and villages in West Cumbria, including Maryport.

Flimby was devastated by flooding. Credit: ITV Border

Advisors from Allerdale Borough Council and Cumbria County Council are there to help people with issues like temporary housing and council tax relief.

But many of the people helping out are flood victims themselves.

The ground floor of Carol Tindall's home was completely ruined, and her car written off, but she's still giving up her time to volunteer:

I've lived in Flimby all my life. I know 95% of these people. I couldn't get in a car and drive off, and be nice and dry in a hotel, knowing these lot are suffering.

Yeah, I am in a hotel, but I get up every morning, come back here and start, go home when it's dark, and then I'm back next morning.

And please, if there's anyone who needs help, anything we can do for people, just come up and ask we might not be able to do it then and there, but we will certainly try."

– Carol Tindall
Carol Tindall's home. Credit: ITV Border

Many older residents in the village and surrounding areas have been particularly badly affected by the flooding.

To help them, volunteers at the emergency centre are delivering food parcels.

Richard Banton is 75:

I've got arthiritis in my spine and in my hip, and I was in agony at times you know, but you've just got to put up with it as best as you can.

From the community I've just received two food parcels, you probably saw them did you? Two lads brought food parcels which was very good of them."

– Richard Banton

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