Putting the bridge back in Pooley Bridge

Credit: ITV Border

After it's dramatic collapse six weeks ago, work is underway to build a temporary bridge which will connect the village of Pooley Bridge back together.

The original bridge dates back to 1764 and was washed away as Storm Desmond tore through the county.

The temporary bridge is hoped to be in place in time for Easter.

As the work began on the bridge, it was a sight that locals welcomed.

It's quite emotional. It is good news because we've finally got action and everyone can see that. The bridge construction people are here today doing their initial work so it feels like we really will have a temporary bridge by Easter.

Colin Hindle, Cafe owner

It'll be normal business again, I hope. At the moment it's just...dead. Nobody's coming and it's just so quiet. I know January is a quiet month anyway but this is just deadly."

Mandy Watson, Pooley Bridge Post Office
Credit: ITV Border