Kendal Town Council are calling for a bypass to solve traffic problems after Storm Desmond

Flooding in Kendal following Storm Desmond Credit: ITV Border

Kendal Town Council is calling on the government for a bypass for Kendal, after the town's traffic has been badly affected by the closure of a bridge after the floods.

There have been calls for a northern development route for years but the loss of Victoria Bridge has showed Kendal how just a few meters of its one-way system could bring traffic to a standstill and it has severely affected many businesses.

Much of the traffic is now going through Sandylands housing estate, one of the areas worst affected by the flooding.

Sandylands Methodist Church agrees the Government needs to do more.

Sandylands Methodist Church says more needs to be done Credit: ITV Border

Over 2,000 properties flooded in December 2015. Kendal Town Council hopes a northern development route could act as a flood defence in future.

Cumbria County Council says this isn't its top priority as it needs to repair the road network but would be happy to talk to the town council.

It would need Government funding but the Department for Communities and Local Government didn't get back to us in time.

The Environment Agency says it's working on new plans for flood defences.