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Mayfield School in Whitehaven celebrates a double! A national award and a new bus

Mayfield School won a national award for the children's development Photo: Mayfield School

Mayfield School in Whitehaven is celebrating a double win. The pupils beat off competition nationally to be recognised for their work in helping the children achievement movement independence and they were presented with a new bus.

Some pupils at Mayfield struggle to do tasks others take for granted like sitting and standing. The school works with the charity MOVE to helps these children gain some independence.

"It has been fabulous to come down and see these children perform. A lot of them arrive at school in their wheelchairs but are then encouraged by the staff to leave them to one side.

"What these pupils have achieve is quite remarkable. We picked Mayfield as our national winners from their pictures and videos but seeing them today has made me see we made the right choice.

"Every child has been involved, every child has learnt something from the experience but most of all they've had fun."

– Di Rickard, MOVE Partnership

The pupils won a trophy and a cheque for £500 towards new equipment.

The pupils were also presented with a new school bus by the Variety Children's charity. They've already used it to go to horse riding lessons, swimming, wheelchair basket ball and golf.

However, it was the colour of the bus which pleased the sixth form lads.

Mayfield School pupils with their new bus Credit: Mayfield School

"It's red and white - Manchester Untied colours! Our last bus was in Manchester City colours and our teacher Steve loved it.

"He doesn't like this one as much as he is a City fan but we do!"

– Ethan, Mayfield pupil

"It is a privilege to be able to hand over this bus to Mayfield School. At Variety we see it as being so important that all children, whatever their background, have access to the things they enjoy. "Hearing about them going horse riding and swimming has been great, really rewarding."

– Ray Crawford, Variety