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Cumbria County Council working towards A595 improvements

A595. Credit: ITV Border

Cumbria County Council says it hopes to make its case to the government this year for funding to upgrade parts of the A595.

It is Cumbria's longest road, and at certain times of the day the busiest road.

Pressure is growing on the county council to make improvements for both safety and economic reasons.

Carlisle MP John Stevenson says the sooner there are upgrades the better:

I think they (council) should commission plans, feasibility studies for what improvements there can be to the 595, whether it be in parts dual in other parts improvements, once those plans are in place we can approach government to find out how we can fund it."

– Carlisle MP John Stevenson

The council says it is already on the case.

The new nuclear development planned at Moorside near Sellafield means the route will get even busier over the coming years:

That's going to be a vital artery, so what we ask of the government is to support us getting improvements in that area. We hope to do that this year, we've got the data we need so we'll be presenting that, and we'll ask them to spend some money on this road."

– Councillor Keith Little, Cumbria County Council
The A595. Credit: ITV Border

You can travel along almost any section of the A595 and find people who say there should be improvements.

Stan Palmer owns a garage near Wigton and regularly sees accidents:

It's not easy to know what to do about it but the junction could be improved, I've suggested that in the past but my suggestions have never been taken up. I think we've had two or three accidents here in the last three weeks and it's a regular occurrence."

– Stan Palmer

Politicians from all parties agree improvements to the A595 are a priority.

Exactly where and when these improvements will take place is still far from certain.

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