Temporary Pooley Bridge crossing in place

The structure is put into place. Credit: ITV Border

A temporary crossing to replace Pooley Bridge has been put into place over the River Eamont.

The structure is costing Cumbria County Council £300,000 to lease for 18 months.

It still needs to have a deck installed, so that vehicles can travel over it, and roadworks and traffic lights will be needed to link it to the roads network.

It is expected to open before Easter, to allow the area to make the most of the tourism season.

It has been a complex project. Credit: ITV Border

The council still plans to build a permanent bridge to replace Pooley Bridge, which dated back to the 18th century, and was destroyed during December's floods.

A date for construction has not yet been set for this.

Work to build the temporary structure is being carried out by Story Contracting, who were commissioned in February.

A large crowd gathered to watch. Credit: ITV Border

A large crowd gathered to watch the work taking place.

People from the local area, and further afield, told ITV Border about the practical and emotional impact of the destruction of Pooley Bridge.

One onlooker is a regular visitor to the area, from Ireland. Credit: ITV Border