Walkers say no to pylons in the Lake District

The National Grid plans to erect 75 more pylons, some in the National Park Credit: ITV News Border

Controversial plans to put 20 miles of pylons across parts of the Lake District National Park in West Cumbria have come under fire, as campaigners took their banners up Black Combe in the Duddon Valley.

The pylons would carry electricity from a new power station near Sellafield. The National Grid is still deciding whether it can afford to put some of the cables underground.

The National Grid plans to erect 75 pylons to take electricity for 20 miles from a proposed new nuclear power station near Sellafield.

Putting all those cables underground would cost an extra £450m, adding around 40p a year to the average electricity bill in England and Wales.

The campaigners think it would be worth the money.

The campaigners hope their peaceful protest will stop pylons being erected Credit: ITV News Border

The National Grid is considering placing sections underground but hasn’t made a final decision.

The campaigners took to the hills to walk in protest to the plans Credit: ITV News Border