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Wall being built to boost Glenridding flood defences

This photo was taken when Glenridding flooded in December 2015. Credit: PA

Flood defences at Glenridding are being improved, in a bid to reduce the chance of the village flooding.

The Environment Agency is building a new wall this week.

It'll be 140 metres in length and a metre above the ground, and is designed to provide flood protection to residents and properties along the bank of the beck.

It will be made of concrete and faced with local stone to protect properties on the right bank.

The wall will start ten metres upstream of the A592 Road Bridge, and is due to be completed by Autumn 2016.

Cumbria County Council and the Environment Agency will publish a draft report into why Glenridding suffered so badly in the flooding, on 9 June.

As well as carrying out emergency repairs, constructing new defences such as this wall in Glenridding, inspecting defences and clearing gravel from rivers, we have also been visiting communities to hear from those people affected.

We want to tap into local knowledge and give local people a chance to shape our plans for the future to ensure we have the best possible plans in place to reduce the risk of flooding.

– Kath Tanner, Environment Agency Flood Recovery Manager