Families learn to grow and cook their own food as part of a healthy eating project

Pulling up old plants is part of the Dig for Dinner project Credit: ITV Border

It's 3.30 pm and a group of Brampton Primary School pupils are tucking into a snack huddled in a greenhouse in the Brampton Community Garden.

Parents and siblings are here, and so is the Deputy Headteacher Chris Armstrong. They're here as part of a healthy eating project called Dig for Dinner. Gardeners, led by Heather Tipler, are teaching the families how to grow their own food. Over the course of an hour they dig up plants, plant seeds and weed and carry out general maintenance.

Funding for the five week project has come from the NHS. it's thought to be the first of its kind in the area and is the second time this particular link up has been run. Once the time in the garden is up, everyone heads to the nearby Methodist Hall, where chef Michael Evans spends an hour showing them how to cook what they've made

Artichokes and herbs grown by the children being put on their pizza Credit: ITV Border