A tale of three women, and one man

Photo: PA

So far this Holyrood election is a tale of three women, and one man.

The three women are the SNP's Nicola Sturgeon, the Tories Ruth Davidson, and Labour's Kezia Dugdale.

And the man is the Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie.

It looks like Ms Sturgeon is on course to get the personal mandate she craved to remain as First Minister for the next five years.

And it seems that Ms Davidson is on course to become the leader of the main opposition party, as she said she would.

But for Ms Dugdale, it appears that her claim she was standing to win, and become First Minister, is not to be.

As for Mr Rennie, with three first-past-the-post seats already, including his own in north-east Fife, his claims that reports of the death of Liberal politics were unfounded, were well founded.

There is another man of course - Patrick Harvie co-convener of the Greens but I'm afraid we don't know how he and his party have done so far.

But back to the women. It is unusual to have three women leaders in the first place.

For the first it looks like it has been a triumph, for the second, vindication of her position, and for the third, frankly, a disaster.

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